Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Definition of Whirlwind: Past 7 days at Viv

The past 7 days has been filled with tons of hard work and dedication topped with incredibly high energy and enthusiasm by the entire Viv team and all of our amazing Viv volunteers.
The craziness started last Wednesday at Be Green Forum at Temple in SOMA. The party was hosted by Mokugift and Viv was invited to help sponsor it along with Friends of the Urban Forest and PlantSense.
We met tons of eco-minded people who totally dug Viv. I would say we stickered everybody there! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.
Skip ahead to Friday and Saturday. Viv was present at the SF Marathon Expo. Thousands of runners and spectators came. We were on the prowl and lets just say that Viv dominated the expo. It was our biggest stickering event to date.
We handed out green sweatbands and told the runners/spectators to wear them on race day. It was completely successful because on Sunday, race day, we spotted so many people sporting the green Do You Viv? Sweatband.
And now for Sunday – the 4th day of events in 7 days! Whoooooo!
Viv helped run the Recycling Zones at the Marathon on The Embarcadero. We continued to sticker people, give out sweatbands and encouraged people to recycle. We made lots of new friends, saw lots of old friends and overall had a blast! We even got a picture of Larry King who was doing a live show on obesity.
And we can’t forget to give a special shout out to our new friends at Rock the Bike

Monday, July 27, 2009

Viv on yelp!? Yep.

Viv is on yelp! and eager to hear your support, advice, criticism and fanaticism about that little green sticker. Share a Viv experience you had at any one of our locations, encounters you had with us at a festival/event, or when we were just being green and wild on the street (which happens more often than one may think).
yelp! some Viv, or Viv some yelp! Either way, make your Vivacious voice heard and publish your thoughts.
^Also, be on the lookout for our eco-graffiti on sidewalks and street corners. They beautifully outline our logo and website in H20, then disappear at a ghostly rate in the california sun- so keep your eyes open and do a little green. 

Monday, July 20, 2009

Viv events are happening like WHOA

Hey Vivers and Shakers – do we have some exciting news for you all.
We have multiple events occurring this week that we would love for you to be apart of!
Event Numero Uno: Be Green Forum by Mokugift & Friends
Mokugift is throwing an event this Wednesday night at Temple Bar in SOMA and they asked Viv to be apart of it! We couldn’t be more happy!
Join us Wednesday, July 22, 2009 from 8pm to 11pm for appetizers (early in the evening), champagne and mingling with other eco-minded individuals. There also will be a Q&A session with the one and only, Viv, along with the other featured green businesses which include Friends of the Urban Forest, PlantSense & Mokugift.
Admission is $1 with RSVP and it plants a tree! OR $5 at the door w/o reservations.
Check out the event on Facebook – you can even rsvp there. Be there or be square!
Event Numero Dos: SF Marathon Expo
Viv is EXTREMELY excited to be participating in the SF Marathon Expo this Friday and Saturday at the SF Design Center at 620 7th Street from 11am to 5pm. This is our first booth and we are pumped to represent Viv at such an awesome event. Feel free to stop on by and say hi to Viv and check out the other vendors. Best part is…it is free!
Event Numero Tres: SF Marathon
Viv will be present on marathon day, Sunday, July 26th, chatting folks up about Viv. We are dressing in Richard Simmons-esque type athletic gear, throwing on our Viv sweatbands and t-shirts and taking the streets by storm (Embarcadero and Howard area)! We are also sponsoring the Recycling Zones.
If you would like to hang out at the marathon with Viv and meet some new people then email the second after you finish reading this post!
We would love for you to come out and support our SF marathon runners, Viv, and of course, the environment.
Please join us at any and all of these events!
Viva la Viv!

Friday, July 17, 2009 does a lil' green for Viv!

So as some of you know, we’re all about finding ways to reuse old materials and thereby reduce our environmental footprint.It’s about taking the old & making it new. And it turns out, feels the same way.
When PureButtons—a custom button and promotional products company—heard that we were looking to produce some eco-friendly Viv gear from recycled or discarded materials, they offered to send us thousands of buttons and magnets from a botched order they would have otherwise had to recycle. While recycling is a great option, PureButtons agreed that reuse trumps recycling, as it doesn’t require any energy or raw materials to process the old waste into a new product. In this case, all we needed was a few of our Viv stickers (which are also biodegradable), and the once rejected buttons were given a second chance at being worn.
So, thanks to PureButtons’ generous donation, we are very excited to add another item to our Viv gear collection! (all while saving valuable, raw materials for another day.)
Give a shout out to PureButtons on their blog or follow them on twitter to thank them for all their eco-smarts.
And if you want a new Viv button, make sure to keep in-touch w/ us through facebook or twitter! We’ll be handing them out at upcoming events (and we’ll be announcing those events through our facebook and twitter pages).

Monday, July 13, 2009

Calling all Vivers... we need your old glass jars!

The Viv Team is on a mission to collect empty glass jars to reuse as sticker holders in our San Fran stores! We have abandoned our old acrylic sticker holders placed in certain Viv stores (*boo*) and have started using new ones constructed out of reusable materials such as glass jars, wine corks, and coat hangers (*yay!*). 
If you have any empty jars you’re about to throw out (or hopefully recycle), we’d love to come by and pick them up instead. We’ll even clean out your fridge searching for jars if you’ll let us!
We aren’t picky people; we’ll take whatever you throw at us—big jars, small jars, with lids, without lids, clean or dirty.  We only ask that they are unbroken and made of glass!  But if we’re going to get technical, we’d say look for jam, pasta, or olive-type jars, around 8 to 20 oz.  And if our humble creation happens to tickle your fancy, give us a holler and we’ll gladly send one your way to put in your office or wherever you please.
Let us know at by dropping a line to or throwing a post up on our facebook wall!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Ronald & Penelope: In the Dog House (Episode 2)

The second episode is out. Throw a comment up and tell us what you think!
Title: Ronald & Penelope: In the Dog House (episode2)
(PS – Ron & Penny are in a bit of an identity crisis and haven’t yet decided whether they are American or British… recommendations?)