Monday, August 31, 2009

Viv Spots making (more) green changes

You’ve been Viving… they’ve been changing. 8 more green actions have been completed by Viv businesses. Very cool stuff. Here’s the rundown (+ a few snaps to go with):
Loving Cup (1) – Switched to reusable bags for the delivery and transfer of laundry service
Biondivino (3) – Enrolled in a recycling program; Enrolled in a composting program; Switched to using only non-toxic, earth-friendly cleaning products
Smoke Signals (1) – Switched to using only non-toxic, earth-friendly cleaning products
Milvali (3) – Using only washable dishtowels and no paper towels; Switched to using only non-toxic, earth-friendly cleaning products; Switched to re-usable cups instead of disposable cups
Pics from Top Left to Bottom Right = 1) Loving Cup, 2 & 3) Milvali … and 4 & 5) That Takes the Cake (announced in a previous post)
(mmm… could really use a mid-day cupcake)
For everyone that’s been Viving in Russian Hill and the Marina – thanks for showing your sticker love!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cleaning Up SF's Streets, Eco-Graffiti Style

Eco Graffiti at the San Francisco Marathon
So most people don’t use graffiti to clean up a city street, but that’s exactly what we’ve been doing over the past few weeks. We’ve been out painting Viv’s on Market, on Haight, on Hayes, the Embarcadero, and more. If there’s pavement available… we’ll Viv it. Perhaps you’ve seen us? It looks something like this:
Ingredients = Stencil, salt water, water sprayer / pump, and a good lookin’ piece of pavement.
Directions = Find high traffic area; Lay down stencil; Mist (gently) with water; Lift; and Ta-Da! (graffiti typically lasts for ~15 minutes before evaporating).
Viv Eco Graffiti Spotted By Google Maps
Vivers Spotted by Google Maps doing some Eco Graffiti

Eco Graffiti outside of Yocup Yogurt on Market Street in San Francisco
So next time you spot us on the streets, get that urban rebel out of you and come “clean up” SF’s streets with some Viv Eco-graffiti.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Make Rock, Art, and... Viv

The sun was keeping us warm on a beautiful Sunday (last weekend) as we had the pleasure of enjoying a line up of some amazing local sf bands like Tartufi, Odawas, and Geographer at the 2nd Annual Rock Make Music & Art Festival. Tons of local vendors lined Treat Street offering an eclectic variety of arts & crafts, clothes, jewelry, and vintage finds – I scored a pair of beautiful vintage button earrings!
Little did people know, there would be even more to the festival than just awesome live music and great merch. That’s right! FREE VIV STICKERS!
I brought along my trusty friend and Viv spokesmodel, Lola (above). I was a little jealous of all the attention she was getting – but was definitely excited about how many people were stoked on Viv!
We had a lot of fun, met some great people, and got them all Viving!
Look for Viv and Lola at other upcoming events! She’s not shy – you can ask for an autograph.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Captain America endorses Viv…

… or at least his SF State persona digs the sticker.
We were down on campus yesterday chatting with a bunch of new students about Viv. Folks were really into it (even the non-superheros) which was great. We’ll definitely be back soon.
In the meantime, lots of love to SFSUhousing for putting together some of the best recycling & composting signs I’ve ever seen. (and making sure that their freshmen welcome day got everyone off on the right eco-minded foot.)
And if you’re down on campus, definitely check out Jessie’s Hot House – new Viv spot w/ some mighty tasty garlic fries.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Eco-changes going down (thanks to Vivers!)

Green changes are gettin’ done! Here are a few highlights from recent businesses that have made eco-friendly changes to their stores (and big shout out to everyone out there showing that Viv sticker and making the changes happen!!):
From left to right …. 1) That Takes the Cake, 2 & 3) Jovino, 4) Tango Gelato, and 5) Pride of the Mediterranean have taken the following actions:
That Takes the Cake (4) – Switched to biodegradable cleaning products; switched to all energy efficient lighting; switched to office paper containing >30% post-consumer recycled material; switched to paper towels containing >40% post-consumer recycled content
Jovino (1) – Switched to biodegradable take-out bags
Tango Gelato (1) – Eliminated vampire power
Pride of the Mediterranean (1) – Switched to paper towels with >40% post-consumer recycled content
(keep showin’ them that sticker love…)