Monday, June 25, 2012

Get to Know Your Local Farmer (Without Moving From Your Computer)

I read a blog post this morning over at Packaging of the World and decided this was way too cool and I had to re-blog. The short of it is this:

Heinz is letting every Australian and New Zealander know exactly what farm their frozen veggies are coming from.

It’s a whole new level of get to know your local farmer, and it doesn’t happen at the farmers market – it happens online.
Here’s how it works:
  1. Pick-up a bag of Heinz Pure NZ Frozen Veggies (sorry only possible if you’re an Aussie or a Kiwi)
  2. Check for the “WEBCODE” right below the expiration date on the back of the veggies
  3. Head to and type in your code (use 89082B to try it out)
  4. Meet your farmer, learn a bit about him/her, and enjoy some pretty great pics of their farm
(if you haven’t done it, seriously, go do it; it’s pretty fun)
My first though was “Wow – this would take off like wildfire in the states.” Think of how many folks are purchasing organic and how many are seriously concerned about GMOs in their food; think of the local food movement, the slow food movement, the get to know your farmer and your butcher initiatives… the list goes on.
There’s obviously a lot more they could do with the site as well. It would be cool if I could interact with the farmers – leave them comments, questions, or correspond via a simple discussion board. It would also be cool if the farmer profiles were a bit more robust. But all in all, I was definitely impressed.
Transparency means a lot to folks, particularly with all the consumer confusion and mis-trust around what’s sustainable and what’s good for my health. Great job by Heinz increasing transparency in NZ and AU and here’s hoping we see Heinz Pure US Veggies showing up soon.