Saturday, March 7, 2009

A dog's life: wagging, barking, and composting

While I was on the street this week, I had a chance to check in on some of our businesses that Viv including Wags in Nob Hill. Johnny and Tyler started this dog grooming & boarding business together. Every time I stop by, Johnny always welcomes me with a big smile & hearty hello– who wouldn’t be happy when you are surrounded by a bunch of friendly, care-free dogs all day? He is a lucky guy.
With clippers in one hand trimming a small pup with a thick black coat, Johnny said that he and Tyler had thought about what else Wags could do to be eco-conscious after they joined Viv. (They have already done plenty if you have not checked out their Viv profile yet.) Simple– they took a look around… literally. Why not collect all the trimmed dog hair, take it home, and compost it? Bingo!With one small move, they could make a dent in the amount of garbage that goes out the door.
It does not take much– even itty bitty steps add up– to have big results. That’s what it’s all about with Viv.