Sunday, March 15, 2009

A little party, a little preperation, a little diversion

Saturday we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day, inviting friends and Vivers over to celebrate the greenest of holidays.  It was quite a day filled with fun, food (including a special green Jell-O recipe that was a big hit), and general merriment.
Dinesh and I started preparing for the fiesta less than a week before, with plenty(!) to do on top of running the business.  However, it only took a couple minutes to make sure we avoided a lot of unnecessary trash and pushed “waste diversion“.  It’s the same thing we discuss with our businesses that Viv each week and how they can avoid unnecessary trash going to landfills.  
We bought paper plates that can be composted instead of styrofoam or plastic ones; found a grocery store that offered compostable cups & cutlery versus those made from plastic; picked up biobags instead of plastic trash bags for food scraps & serving ware that would be composted; and separated the composting, recycling (e.g., bottles, bottle caps, newspaper), and trash after the party.  Those were just a few of the things that took very little time to prepare or do.
In the end, we only had a half-bag of trash (for the landfill) after the cooking preparation from Friday, party favors that guests brought, and all the fun had on Saturday.  That amount was matched by four grocery-sized bags of stuff for composting and another five similar-sized bags of recycling.  A little effort can go a long way.
I better wrap up with Monday morning closing in fast…