Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A two week notice: Earth Day 2009

We have our fair share of planning to do when running a business, so I thought why not give readers a friendly heads up to plan ahead too.  April 22nd each year has been designated as Earth Day.  If you are not familiar with Earth Day, you can learn the basic history at Wikipedia(which is at least my go-to reference).
While most of us will be working that day, take a moment to do something environmentally friendly that day.  Plan ahead and put it on your calendar or leave yourself a reminder for Wednesday the 22nd.  It can be small or big– anything from recycling your afternoon Diet Coke can to asking your office manager about signing up for a recycling program.  I would encourage you to do something small that you can do more than once, maybe even daily or weekly going forward.  If you need suggestions, the EPA is one of many sites with a list of suggestions for being more eco-friendly at home or at the office.  Remember, itty bitty steps can add up and lead to big results.