Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Batman was pretty much the one who convinced me that we needed to start a blog. Arul’s been pushing it for a bit, but I guess I never took myself for much of a blog writer. Maybe it’s because I’m a bit paranoid about personal info on the web (hey, my last name is Thirupuvanam. If you google me, you’re going to find the only Dinesh Thirupuvanam out there) or maybe it’s because I’m a horrible speller and even worse with grammar (I was an English minor though – haha – and do thoroughly enjoy strange experimental writing). But that whole stance on writing a blog changed when Batman came to me in a vision. Actually, it wasn’t even Batman – it was Ra’s al Ghul, but I prefer to think of it as the husky voiced Christian Bale Batman who, amidst a convo with Arul the other day about how we spark the Viv snowball among everyday people, said to me “If you make yourself more than just a man, if you devote yourself to an ideal…you become something else entirely”.
Now maybe this is a pretty dramatic way of starting my first blog post but that was honestly the thing that did it. Batman saying to me – look Viv is about more than giving people really cool looking stickers made of corn (v2 coming soon!). It’s about an ideal. It’s about giving anyone and everyone the chance to do a little bit of green. It’s about helping out the environment in the simplest way possible, and doing it in a way that gets the other 90% of the country to say – “you know what, that’s so easy – I could do that.” That’s what this is all about. And as for the blog, I guess this our way of sharing that ideal with people – and sharing it in a real, and open and honest way.