Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Biodegradable Food Packaging in the News

Over the past year, a variety of big players in the food & beverage space have been taking strides forward to reduce their food packaging footprint.
We try to stay up to date on the space and thought we’d share some of the more important moves (+ a link to the articles) for ya’ll:
  • A strong step in the right direction for the Subway rival… but still steps to go. Quiznos Introduces Better, “Greener” Packaging (via TriplePundit) – “Quiznos sandwich chain has made what looks like decent progress on many of their different types of packaging. Being a critical optimist, I’m happy to see the new effort, but want to raise a few questions as well…”
  • One of the most sustainable breweries in the country, letting us know why we need more composting facilities. New Belgium Goes with 50% Recycled Cups for Sponsored Events … (via Environmental Leader) – “In practice, New Belgium Brewery has sold most of its beverages at events in compostable cups, but waste diversion through composting is not available at all events. That has meant the brewer had to use traditional plastic cups at times…”
  • One of the biggest moves to compostables yet by a fast food chain! Burgerville Adds Compostable Cups and Lids to Menu (via TriplePundit) – “Fast food chain, Burgerville, recently announced it is switching to commercially compostable cups and lids as part of its goal to divert 85 percent of the company’s waste stream from landfills. Burgerville is the first fast food chain …”
  • Hasn’t happened yet, but pretty cool, and I sure hope that McDonalds execs have seen this by now. Student Designs Biodegradable Packaging for McDonald’s | Inhabitat … – “Fast food packaging takes up a hefty chunk of our landfill space while effectively clear-cutting our forests. The golden arch proprietors dole out over 2…”