Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bokashi Composting from Vokashi – Easy, Alternative Composting

So a big shout out to Crave Catering in Brooklyn, NY. Crave (a new Viv Biz Club member) has recently gotten involved with the Vokashi system of accelerated composting.
Vokashi is based on the process of food recycling known as Bokashi. As described at
“Bokashi in Japanese refers to the process of fermenting organic matter. The method uses anaerobic (without oxygen) fermentation to ‘pickle’ organic matter in an airtight container with a bran that is inoculated with effective microorganisms. Once the matter is matured it can be planted in your garden or added to above ground composting boxes. Within weeks, the fermented matter is decomposed into highly nutrient rich soil ready for use as natural fertilizer or for planting.”
Crave has had food waste fermenting in Vokashi bins for the past 3 months and recently sent me a photo album of their Vokashi Trenching.
If you’re interested in Bokashi or alternative forms of composting, it’s a must see:

Step 1: Build or purchase planters for composting

Step 2: Line planters with chicken wire

Step 3: Add a layer of moss to the planters to prevent soil from dropping through chicken wire

Step 4: Add a layer of soil to the planters

Step 5: Bring out food waste that has been fermenting in Vokashi bins for 3 months (mmm… tasty!)

Step 6: Dig trench in soil and spread a layer of the food waste in the trench

Step 7: Cover with another layer of soil

Step 8: Stay tuned for nutrient rich soil…