Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Brats, Brews and Vivers at Gestalt

Monday night Gestalt hosted a killer Viv Special – 40% off brats, 60% off Soju cocktails and dollar off beers from 6 to 9pm.
Vivers who came out to receive the special also received a stunning canvas tote bag. Many thanks to SF Department of the Environment for providing them! These tote bags are made with scrap fabric from designer Ralph Lauren and are super sturdy. Each tote bag came with a sticker to remind you to bring your bag with you. So – if you were lucky enough to pick one up, please place that sticker where it will remind you on your way out and start bringing your own bag, like every day. For some fun tips, tricks and vids on this topic, check out our wiki.
In true Viv fashion, prior to the special, the Viv Environmental Accountability team (aka Mary Jo) helped Gestalt install 3 faucet aerators, which will cut back on the water use at all their sinks by ~50%. This will likely save them ~880,000 pints/year, which will in turn save them ~$500/year on water (excluding savings on natural gas to heat the water, or sewer fees to drain the water.) Gestalt already recycles and is scheduled to begin composting shortly. (For extra props bug them about this!)