Monday, July 13, 2009

Calling all Vivers... we need your old glass jars!

The Viv Team is on a mission to collect empty glass jars to reuse as sticker holders in our San Fran stores! We have abandoned our old acrylic sticker holders placed in certain Viv stores (*boo*) and have started using new ones constructed out of reusable materials such as glass jars, wine corks, and coat hangers (*yay!*). 
If you have any empty jars you’re about to throw out (or hopefully recycle), we’d love to come by and pick them up instead. We’ll even clean out your fridge searching for jars if you’ll let us!
We aren’t picky people; we’ll take whatever you throw at us—big jars, small jars, with lids, without lids, clean or dirty.  We only ask that they are unbroken and made of glass!  But if we’re going to get technical, we’d say look for jam, pasta, or olive-type jars, around 8 to 20 oz.  And if our humble creation happens to tickle your fancy, give us a holler and we’ll gladly send one your way to put in your office or wherever you please.
Let us know at by dropping a line to or throwing a post up on our facebook wall!