Friday, May 28, 2010

Cleaning Chemical Free!

Going green isn’t easy. That’s why Viv keeps up with the latest and greatest of eco-friendly products to make things easier. Although we don’t currently offer the product featured below, we thought it could be useful in changing up that conventional cleaning cycle of yours. Check out the Bissell Steam Mop:
Via NPR “Eco-Friendly Inventions”: The Bissell Steam Mop does a great job on all floor types—the thick green mopping pad is well-suited for vinyl, ceramic tile, hardwood, and laminate flooring. It uses water and turns it into superheated steam to clean surfaces. It is capable of removing tough and sticky messes from hard surface floors. It is easy to put together, and even easier to operate.
So, what’s the big deal? At an average price of $79.99, slightly steeper than your common Swiffer Wet Jet, the Bissell Steam Mop offers an eco-friendly, chemical free solution for cleaning up after any mess.
Another Bissell Steam Mop review says: “no waste, nothing going to the landfill, no chemicals to wash down the sink, it’s a super eco-friendly way to clean your floors. The Bissell Steam Mop takes the work out of mopping.”
This may be an investment with a lot of returns for both your office and home!
*Disclaimer: We were not asked by Bissell to promote this product—we found out about it all on our own! Enjoy!