Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cleaning Up SF's Streets, Eco-Graffiti Style

Eco Graffiti at the San Francisco Marathon
So most people don’t use graffiti to clean up a city street, but that’s exactly what we’ve been doing over the past few weeks. We’ve been out painting Viv’s on Market, on Haight, on Hayes, the Embarcadero, and more. If there’s pavement available… we’ll Viv it. Perhaps you’ve seen us? It looks something like this:
Ingredients = Stencil, salt water, water sprayer / pump, and a good lookin’ piece of pavement.
Directions = Find high traffic area; Lay down stencil; Mist (gently) with water; Lift; and Ta-Da! (graffiti typically lasts for ~15 minutes before evaporating).
Viv Eco Graffiti Spotted By Google Maps
Vivers Spotted by Google Maps doing some Eco Graffiti

Eco Graffiti outside of Yocup Yogurt on Market Street in San Francisco
So next time you spot us on the streets, get that urban rebel out of you and come “clean up” SF’s streets with some Viv Eco-graffiti.