Monday, February 9, 2009

Credit Cards that go "beep" in the night (or in the day)

So late last week I was setting up one of our grocery stores with our friend Sam. Sam put the barcode into his system in about 30 seconds (love that it’s so nice and easy), and I grabbed myself a donut to kick-off the first Viv scan at his store.
The cashier rings me up and I take out my Amex card with my Viv sticker and wave it over the barcode scanner. It beeps, rings up as Viv at $0.00, and the guy behind me turns over and says “D****mn yo, that’s a f*** sweet card you got there.”
My takeaway – 1) This guy is clearly the man, he needs a sticker; 2) Things that beep (like the Viv sticker when scanned) rock; 3) Missy Elliot knows what’s up –