Friday, February 6, 2009

Daddy? Where do green actions come from?

This is one that I’m sure many folks are wondering, and while we plan to have a lot more detail on this at, I’d like to get the ball rolling here with a blog post.
How do Viv members decide on the green actions they’re committing to. Well, it’s a pretty simple process based on 2 things: 1) Viv’s recommendation, and 2) the business owner’s will.
Viv’s recommendation: Viv has a core list of green actions that can be applied to a wide variety of business types (florists to restaurants to newsstands). These actions have been sourced directly from local green certification programs, the most coming from:, The Bay Area Green Business Program, and Thimmakka (a local green restaurant certification program with 100+ restaurants certified). We plan to share this large list of potential green actions online shortly, as we want to provide as much transparency as possible.
The Business owner’s will: The #1 criteria here is applicability. For instance, if a local business does not have heating and cooling, then re-caulking and sealing their windows and vents will not help them save energy. The second most important criteria is “what’s been done already” – many of our businesses have already taken a few green steps forward, and while this is fantastic, we do not want to be repeating these past actions. After these 2 areas have been reviewed we work with local business owners to determine the initial 3-4 green actions that they’d like to commit to. Member businesses follow guidelines from the aforementioned certification sources in implementing those steps, and once they have been completed we reconnect with the businesses to determine a next set of steps.
While I’m sure many folks out there will want more detail (and it’s coming soon… just be a bit patient with us please), I hope this is a helpful start.