Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Definition of Whirlwind: Past 7 days at Viv

The past 7 days has been filled with tons of hard work and dedication topped with incredibly high energy and enthusiasm by the entire Viv team and all of our amazing Viv volunteers.
The craziness started last Wednesday at Be Green Forum at Temple in SOMA. The party was hosted by Mokugift and Viv was invited to help sponsor it along with Friends of the Urban Forest and PlantSense.
We met tons of eco-minded people who totally dug Viv. I would say we stickered everybody there! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.
Skip ahead to Friday and Saturday. Viv was present at the SF Marathon Expo. Thousands of runners and spectators came. We were on the prowl and lets just say that Viv dominated the expo. It was our biggest stickering event to date.
We handed out green sweatbands and told the runners/spectators to wear them on race day. It was completely successful because on Sunday, race day, we spotted so many people sporting the green Do You Viv? Sweatband.
And now for Sunday – the 4th day of events in 7 days! Whoooooo!
Viv helped run the Recycling Zones at the Marathon on The Embarcadero. We continued to sticker people, give out sweatbands and encouraged people to recycle. We made lots of new friends, saw lots of old friends and overall had a blast! We even got a picture of Larry King who was doing a live show on obesity.
And we can’t forget to give a special shout out to our new friends at Rock the Bike