Sunday, February 8, 2009

Do a little's that simple

At Viv, one of our mantras is “do a little green”.   It is what individuals do each time they show their Viv sticker and make a purchase.  A little green happens.  The catch is those little greens add up.  Itty bitty steps, big results.
That’s the difference with Viv.  We do not ask you, your friends, or anyone else you know to dramatically change your lifestyle.  We just ask you to get stickered, use the sticker, and tell 5 friends… all together those small steps will lead to dramatic change.  (Let us worry about the other stuff.)
We do what we do because we have a different perspective than what you may read in the press.  Mainstream media says doom & gloom with global warming and government has to step up as the environmental steward.  Maybe, but we also say that people can make a difference.  Thedifference.  Every person with a Viv sticker counts, every vote for a Viv’d purchase adds up, and before you know it… a whole lot of pro-environmental change happens.  It’s that simple.