Thursday, May 6, 2010

Donating Old Stuff

Reused is better than Recycled which is better than Trashed. The team has been collecting items at Viv headquarters (HQ) for a donation run and to get some “reuse” from things collecting dust: old clothes, printers, cables, and a ton more.
The team hurried through lunch and bounced over to the local Salvation Army for a drop.  A big bonus: the California sun was out with blue skies!  What a day to stretch the legs.  With arms full of boxes and bags, we even reused some “old-fashioned” food packaging to bundle up the loose clothes.

Jenny with her hands on a giant Quaker Oats box... oats, yum-yum!
Having an (eco) excuse to get out of the office never hurts.  I admit… I had to make a “green” reference somewhere.  Anyways, did you ever think you’d see such a big smile on someone carrying a giant box of oatmeal?