Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Don’t talk to strangers (except if they’re handing out stickers)

As more and more businesses decide to Viv, we are increasingly focusing our time and attention on one thing – stickering people.
How do we make Viv a gigantic success for us, for our businesses, for the environment, and for you? Well it’s pretty simple – by getting an equally gigantic amount of people to slap a Viv sticker onto their credit card. Viv is a consumer-led solution. It’s a you led solution. Businesses that accept and count Viv stickers can make all the environmental commitments they want, but if they don’t see any stickers, they aren’t going to change.
That’s why we sticker – to ignite the Viv snowball (I love mixed idioms :-)). We’re out there all day and way too much of the night (stickering often coincides w/ late night socializing… what a lovely pair), and we’ll sticker anyone who asks… and lots of people who don’t ask (but inevitably get excited to Viv!).
But most of all we need help. If you know of some folks who would like a sticker, let us know. If you know of an organization that can help us get stickers out to folks in SF (particularly in Pac Heights, Marina, and Nob Hill), drop us an email. Every sticker counts – literally.