Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Eco-changes going down (thanks to Vivers!)

Green changes are gettin’ done! Here are a few highlights from recent businesses that have made eco-friendly changes to their stores (and big shout out to everyone out there showing that Viv sticker and making the changes happen!!):
From left to right …. 1) That Takes the Cake, 2 & 3) Jovino, 4) Tango Gelato, and 5) Pride of the Mediterranean have taken the following actions:
That Takes the Cake (4) – Switched to biodegradable cleaning products; switched to all energy efficient lighting; switched to office paper containing >30% post-consumer recycled material; switched to paper towels containing >40% post-consumer recycled content
Jovino (1) – Switched to biodegradable take-out bags
Tango Gelato (1) – Eliminated vampire power
Pride of the Mediterranean (1) – Switched to paper towels with >40% post-consumer recycled content
(keep showin’ them that sticker love…)