Wednesday, November 18, 2009

First Viv Special Rocks the House

Last night’s Viv Special was a total blast. Little Star was packed (like whoa!) and people were pumped about getting their 50% discount on the best pizza in town.
The Little Star servers and manager were thrilled with the results – they couldn’t believe how many people showed up. By 5:15 (15 minutes into the special), the tables were already packed with Vivers.
Thanks to, SF Eater, and for spreading the word about the event! Gotta love Broke-Ass Stuart’s remarks: “Basically Viv is working to connect eco-aware consumers with like minded business by doing something or other with stickers. I think you put a sticker on your credit card or something and get deals. But really, I think all you have to do is just mention the “Viv Special” to get the treatment that all you lovely little broke-asses deserve.” Well put!
35 lucky folks picked up Viv’s CFL-flower gifts. People noted that it was a really fun way to get folks to be more eco-friendly — exactly what we were going for. (See Mary Jo preparing the gifts below)
Action item: Replace an incandescent bulb with your new CFL! (At each Viv Special, we’ll tee up an eco-action item.  Let us know if you have ideas!)  Thanks to for supplying the CFLs!
If you tried to call in and order out last night, our apologies. The place was so busy, that they couldn’t answer the phones. And apologies to poor Heidi who posted sadly on our wall about the issue, concluding with “Why must everyone else love Little Star as much as me?”
If you joined up, what did you think? Any feedback? Questions? We want each event to feature a unique eco-twist – any ideas?
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Lastly, join us at Noc Noc on Friday!