Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Good things happen to those who simply inquire

Two experiences I’d like to share quickly re: the power of simply asking a question:
First. We currently order our brochure holders from a firm called Displayarama – big points for coolness of name, minus points for eco-friendliness of the firm – many of the displays they sell are made from acrylic and the packaging that they use to ship the displays contains styrofoam. (I do also have to note that we are currently using one of their not so eco-friendly acrylic displays; this is 1) because we’re very tight on dollars and to be frank the display is cheap, and 2) because we need something which is relatively transparent. That being said, we’d love to use something more earth friendly, so if anyone knows or can suggest a better greener alternative, we are all ears!).
Now, acrylic aside, we did decide to ask them if they could ship us our displays with something other than styrofoam and simple as that… they did. 2 of the 3 next boxes that we received were packed with newspaper as opposed to styrofoam. Now it’s still not 3 for 3 (yet!), but it was a simple inquiry that shows just how easy it can be to cause some green change.
Second. (I’ll try and keep this one shorter). Pete & I were in Biondivino last week speaking with Zach about Viv. Zach was immediately into the program and we started talking about green commitments that Biondivino could make. I asked him if he recycled and/or composted, and Zach (who was clearly very passionate about the environment… he got his last apartment building to start composting) literally walked out the door (almost looking a bit flush) and shouted back to Pete & I to hold on. He walked back 2 or 3 minutes later w/ a cardboard box saying ‘we do now’ and placed it behind the counter. A simple question with an immediate and simple response that caused some green change. That’s what it’s all about.