Sunday, July 15, 2012

Greenopolis – A Fairytale Land For Green Gurus?

Update: The Greenopolis program appears to have been changed to PepsiCo and is now called "Dream Machine"Try this link for info on the energy use of the Greenopolis Kiosk.

For most of you, this probably sounds like a fairytale land, filled with green and eco-friendly products (or maybe that’s just me?).
But really, Greenopolis is a new concept that I had never heard of and probably would have never heard of unless I had been on a grocery run at Whole Foods. Located next to the recycling bins for light bulbs, ink cartridges, and old electronics were arcade-looking machines which had slots for aluminum, glass, and plastic (HDPE and PET). There are also two slots located below which are used for scanning the product you have into the machine—based on the kind of product, the Greenopolis kiosk will determine the amount of points you get which will translate into rewards at its various partnered locations.
This is an excerpt of what Greenopolis is about straight from their website:
We are about doing good. Specifically, our goal is to provide you with information and tools to:
-Help you to recycle easily
-Help to save our natural resources for our children’s children
-Track conservation through recycling and re-use
-Educate and reward conservation
So what’s the catch?
There’s really no way to go wrong—Greenopolis pays you back for “closing the loop” by awarding points each time you use the Greenopolis Recycling System to recycle, reuse, or conserve your personal resources. Points can earn you discounts and coupons for entertainment, dining, travel, personal services, and much more. All from nationally recognized names you trust, like Marriott, Johnny Rockets, Domino Pizza and Blockbuster located in the community.
One can earn these points through two main ways: 1) sharing experiences and ideas about recycling and reusing on, or 2) by using a Greenopolis Kiosk to recycle beverage containers made out of glass, aluminum. The best part is it only takes 100 points to earn a reward for your eligible activities.
Here are some quick and easy steps to get started on
1. Set up an account on (link no longer active)
2. Earn points in the two ways mentioned above (submitting a recycling or reusing idea OR recycling your own bottles and cans).
3. Track your points in your own personal point-bank, which is linked to a web-based reward catalog that provides offerings from more than 10,000 retail partners with 130,000 physical locations nationwide. Just enter your local zip code to view the reward offers in your area.
4. Share the wealth. This year, members will also be able to donate points to one of several designated charities to support a cause you love.
Other perks:
• Exclusive travel related benefits just for members (not sure what this entails but I guess you can find out more when you start to rack up those points).
• An online system to purchase discounted tickets to first run movies playing at more than 1,400 theaters nationwide, including those in your area.
• Access to a members-only on-line shopping mall that offers major discounts and cash rebates for purchases.
• Introduction of the Greenopolis App for iPhones that will allow GO members to use their phone to scan materials destined for recycling and automatically upload points.
So if you need a little incentive to rid your residence of recyclables, Greenopolis is a great way to make sure your good deeds don’t go unrecognized. They have modified their three R’s to: Rethink, Recycle, Reward!