Sunday, February 15, 2009

How you do what you do

You use Viv.  We use Viv.  We wants lots of people to Viv.  It’s why we spent many, many months making Viv as simple as possible for you and everyone else out there.
All you have to do is sticker your card and show the sticker when you make a purchase at one of our partner businesses.  But wait… many people have been asking, “Does every business scan my barcode?”  No, and here’s why: we wanted to make Viv simple for businesses, too!  Not every business has a barocde scanner so let me explain.
When you pull out your trusty Viv sticker in that oh-so-precious moment as you buy something, the business counts you showing your sticker– Viving your purchase– in three possible ways. Employees either scan the barcode, tap a “Viv” button on their terminal’s touchscreen, or hit a mechanical counter.  No matter what type of business we partner with, every one of them has a way to count you Viving.
So the next time you pull out your handy Viv sticker don’t worry if your favorite business does not have a barcode scanner.  Just check that the employee taps the touchscreen button or hits the mechanical counter with that classic “cha-chik” sound confirming you Viv’d your purchase.
Since I was watching Amazing Race earlier and rooting on Tammy, it is now time for me to race to bed.  Some of us still have to work on President’s Day…