Thursday, December 3, 2009

Introducing the Viv Wiki - GREEN gone FUN

Okay, so remember back a couple Sundays ago, when the Viv blog was just a new fresh face in your Google Reader? We made a bold statement about how Viv is aiming to “#1, encourage, then #2, enable, and #3, incent” all of us to make socially and environmentally responsible decisions? Well, I’d like to introduce #2: ENABLE. Drum roll, please! Perhaps, it isn’t that dramatic, but Viv has begun construction on a robust (& fun) online library of eco-resources. You may be wondering what the heck to do with that composting stuff you got with your cupcake or what to do next now that your low-flow aerator is on the sink in the bathroom. We’ve got loads of useful information, links, and videos on our Wiki How-to Library that will make you laugh and get you started. Yep, I said Wiki – as in ‘pedia, which means you can browse, leave comments, or even write up some content if you’re dying to tell the world about how to volunteer with Surfriders or something.
Viv wants to get you started making a difference in your community, even before we start bribing…I mean incentivizing…you to do so. We think the site is chock full o’cool videos, useful links, and eco-bathroom humor, but let us know what you think of these pages:
-San Francisco: Not as Trashy As You Thought – how to sign up for composting and updated info on what goes in which bin (blue, green, black, what?)
-Bathroom Reading – easy how-to videos on how to make your bathroom a whole lot more water and energy efficient
-BYOB Everywhere – frightening footage of the Bag Monster, and practical and impractical tips on remembering your reusable bag
-Viv Green Action Factsheets – Use’em yourself, slip them under your landlord’s door, or leave them your favorite bar
-Eco-News – Inspiration from around the world on folks who are doing good (and bad) stuff for our environment and communities
How do you like it? How can we make them better? Let us know by posting comments on the Wiki or sending an email to