Sunday, November 15, 2009

Jeopardy time: "Alex, I will take Radical Transparency for $500"

If you read our “New Viv” announcement, I bet you have a lot of questions. If you’ve clicked here and haven’t read the New Viv announcement, please do so first.
So what is “radical transparency”? How is social and environmental change going to happen with Viv? We have answers, and we are going to share them gradually. We don’t want to flood you with a tidal wave of new ideas and information, so for starters we are going to share them in more bite-sized pieces over the next several weeks (via a series of blog posts & updates to our website).
The theory behind our new approach is a notion called “radical transparency”. It’s really not radical in a “crazy, went-off-the-deep-end” way, but rather a “cool, Bill-and-Ted” sort of way. Radical transparency wants to let people– that’s you– make the best decisions for yourselves. Transparency of information helps you live a better life by making better decisions. If we all knew every single thing that could cause cancer, that would be awesome. The catch is you need that information in a simple, digestable (ie, easy to absorb), and accessible way. If you can do this right, you can have a massive impact by getting both people and businesses to change their behavior for the better.
This is exactly what Viv aims to do. We are going to #1, encourage, then #2, enable, and #3, incent, the Viv community of businesses and consumers to share information with one another on the socially & environmentally responsible things they do everyday. As this community grows and continues to share, we aim to drive large-scale social & environmental change by influencing behaviors of all groups involved.
At Viv, we want to make it *fun* and *easy* for you to get involved in making a more sustainable world. Over the next few weeks, we will continue to share updates on exactly how we will be “encouraging”, “enabling”, and “incenting” the radical sharing of information across businesses and consumers. Please, be patient if you are hungry for more answers and stay tuned – we’ll be sharing plenty more soon. If you do have burning questions or reactions, we definitely encourage you to email us (WhatVivs @ DoYouViv dot com) or comment here. Viv well!