Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Just keep doin' what we doin' it

Above is one of my favorite phrases from my favorite football fan of all time – Chelsea Fan. So inspired by him, I’m going to share a few quick details on how we at Viv (and also me personally) keep “doin’ what we doin’ it”… or in other words – “how we keep making our lives & the Viv biz more eco-friendly.”
1) New in-store sticker holders (see pic – we’re ditching the old acrylic brochure holders and now using ones that are made entirely from found/discarded objects – old glass jars, old wine corks – things that were going to be recycled or thrown away, but are now being re-used).
2) New energy star printer – Lexmark 7600
3) I recently bought a 12 pack of Green Forest toilet paper (I know, I know – on the website I said I would never go there, but honestly it’s not that bad. Little rough around the edges, but overall pretty comfy for 100% post-consumer recycled).
4) More standby for my 4yr old laptop (I’ve cleaned up my hard drive a bit so that it doesn’t take 10 minutes to boot up out of standby anymore. End result – I’m putting it in standby more often and using less energy).
I know many of these are small steps, but that’s what we’re all about here. Many small steps = BIG change. (and if any of you have other eco-toliet paper recs I’m now very curious to try new ones… post up a comment!)