Wednesday, September 30, 2009

More green changes completed by SF Viv spots

They just keep rolling in. 5 new changes. Very exciting. Thanks Vivers for voting with your sticker. Here’s the rundown (+ a few snaps):
Bruno’s Pizzeria & Cucina (2) – Switched to paper towels that contain a minimum of 40% recycled content; Changed all traditional light bulbs to energy efficient bulbs
Sweet Jimmy’s / A&M Market (2) – Ensures that all appliances that consume power when plugged into an outlet are unplugged or turned off while the business is not open; Committed to the use of no-VOC paints for any & all future painting
Noc Noc (1) – Switched to using only non-toxic, earth-friendly cleaning products
Pics from Left to Right = 1 & 2) Bruno’s Pizzeria & Cucina, 3) Sweet Jimmy’s / A&M Market
A slice of pizza would hit the spot right about now…