Monday, November 23, 2009

Noc Noc: (Who's there?) Viv Specials for you

Noc Noc was host to our second Viv Special on Friday evening.  With half off beer and wine, a great crowd of Vivers, and the Noc Noc’s stellar atmosphere, a good time was had by all. Upwards of 40 Vivers joined us between 4 in the psychedelic cave bar and 7 on Friday afternoon in San Francisco’s Lower Haight district.  Noc Noc’s reported that the bar was more than twice as busy during the Viv Special than it normally would have been.
And best of all – the first 30 guests left with a bathroom faucet aerator designed to reduce the flow of water.  Each 1.5 gallon per minute aerator can reduce faucet water flow by 30% without compromising faucet performance.
Action item: Install the faucet aerator we gave you.  See first video here for easy to follow instructions.   And if you missed out on Noc Noc or were too late to pick up your aerator, stop by the SF Public Utilities Commission to pick up your own, and more.
Why mix deals and change?  Well, as you know, Viv’s entire mission centers around driving community change through convening conscious consumers and local merchants.  So Viv Specials are just the first step of many – bringing people together in a way that benefits people (good deals, good times and good company) and planet (decreased resource consumption through Viv giveaways).
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