Friday, July 17, 2009 does a lil' green for Viv!

So as some of you know, we’re all about finding ways to reuse old materials and thereby reduce our environmental footprint.It’s about taking the old & making it new. And it turns out, feels the same way.
When PureButtons—a custom button and promotional products company—heard that we were looking to produce some eco-friendly Viv gear from recycled or discarded materials, they offered to send us thousands of buttons and magnets from a botched order they would have otherwise had to recycle. While recycling is a great option, PureButtons agreed that reuse trumps recycling, as it doesn’t require any energy or raw materials to process the old waste into a new product. In this case, all we needed was a few of our Viv stickers (which are also biodegradable), and the once rejected buttons were given a second chance at being worn.
So, thanks to PureButtons’ generous donation, we are very excited to add another item to our Viv gear collection! (all while saving valuable, raw materials for another day.)
Give a shout out to PureButtons on their blog or follow them on twitter to thank them for all their eco-smarts.
And if you want a new Viv button, make sure to keep in-touch w/ us through facebook or twitter! We’ll be handing them out at upcoming events (and we’ll be announcing those events through our facebook and twitter pages).