Sunday, March 29, 2009

Recognizing Earth Hour

Yesterday, at 8:30pm local time wherever you were, many people recognized Earth Hour across the globe.  It is a pretty simple concept to ask people to take 60 minutes out of their night to turn off their lights.  That’s it.  
I found myself hurrying to finish some computer work at 8:24pm before putting my laptop to sleep and shutting off all the lights.  Before I walked out the door for dinner… I even snuck back in and hit the power strip in the home office.  I applaud the organizers for the simplicity of just asking everyone (anywhere in the world) to turn off their lights and in fact vote with their switches.
That same philosophy of simplicity and action is shared by a familiar group… us!  One small step like turning off our lights can have people thinking about whether they leave the light on next time or other small steps they can do.  Perhaps next time you might even skip turning on a light in the first place…