Sunday, January 11, 2009

So it begins: The Viv Blog

Here’s to Viv.  Here’s to an idea on how to change the world.  Here’s to the environment, global warming, sustainability, and everything that is considered green today.  Here’s to a mission that brings together consumers and businesses for a common cause.  Here’s to ubiquity and making it as simple as possible for everyone from coast to coast.  Here’s to a vision that involves you.
This blog is for our friends who have asked for it… our family who wonders what we do with all our work hours… our tireless advisers and mentors nudging us along… our loyal supporters cheerleading and rooting us on… our partners who want their businesses to grow and be more environmentally-friendly… our predecessors who laid the ground work… and of course our users– the Viv people– who sport Viv everyday.   Here’s to all of you.