Friday, July 2, 2010

Sports Stadiums Composting Across the US

Update for 12/13/2013: We wrote the post below back in July of 2010. While trying to update a broken link, I found an event that was held yesterday between the EPA and Stadium Assoc. Great to see that efforts are still being made. Here is a current link to the event held yesterday between the EPA and the Stadium Managers Assoc.

If you are a stadium manager, you should check out this link to the EPA's Green Sports for Stadiums, Events, and Leagues.

A series of sports stadiums across the country have started composting recently (July 2010) thanks to the EPA’s Green Venues Program. The program helps major league & college sports venues green their stadiums and operations across a host of areas, including: energy efficiency, water efficiency, and waste reduction.
We’ve been particularly excited about the number of venues who have since kicked off composting programs. Here’s a shortlist of teams that now have composting programs at their stadiums / arenas:
  • The Cleveland Browns piloted a composting program in the venue’s kitchens last fall and will be continuing on in the upcoming regular season.
  • The Cleveland Indians also have a kitchen composting program kicking off this season.
  • The New York Yankees have a composting program in place and compost bins are available to all fans.
  • The Chicago Cubs are composting and have required all vendors at Wrigley Field to start using compostable food ware.
  • The San Francisco Giants have a composting program in place (and they better since San Francisco requires all residents & businesses to compost!).
  • The Oakland Athletics have a composting program in place.
  • The Seattle Mariners compost >20% of stadium waste.
And given the diverse crowds that typically attend ball games, this should translate into increased awareness of composting & composting practices across a very wide swath of citizens.
Are there other sports stadiums & arenas in your area that are composting? Let us know and drop them into the comments.