Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday and the breakfast of champions

Today was the next thing to a federal holiday: Super Bowl.  A day that people revere, plan weeks ahead for, and indulge in an unbelievable amount of football, friends, and feasting.  Plus a few hilarious commercials.  The Super Bowl.  A long-standing ritual across the country, capping off another season of thrills & spills with a single blowout finale that leaves you longing for the next season.
That’s just it.  Monday morning is going to come, and a champion will have been crowned for last season but every one knows the next season is ahead.  Tomorrow is a new day.  Many players and teams will wake up tomorrow to ask themselves what am I going to do this week to get better.  This week, not waiting for the one after, to hustle and pay your dues.  All the preparation, focus, and hard work matters now before the next big game day comes in front of the whole country.
I have to remind myself every week that companies are not built overnight.  Shittake.  It’s a long, tough slog but all the winners I know kept at it and persevered.  Tomorrow morning when my dreaded alarm goes off at the crack of dawn and I grab a cereal bowl for breakfast, it will be time for another week at the grind.  After watching the Super Bowl, I can’t help but imagine a Wheaties box with the new champ on the front… here’s to a great week to prove to ourselves that we can pull this puppy off.