Monday, November 23, 2009

That Takes the Cake Steals the Show

On Saturday night, Vivers were surprised and delighted by That Takes the Cake‘s delectable alcoholic cupcakes. Who knew that cupcakes could get any better?  Mint Mojito and White Russian were my personal favorites.  Big kudos to Brian and Keisha Williams, owners of the cutest cupcake shop on the block, for the delightful goodies and inviting atmosphere.
Action please. At That Takes the Cake, Vivers were prompted to take control of their waste’s streams.  Everyone who came for a cupcake, also went home with instructions on how to become a composting champion using our guide, which is designed to help bring even the least eco-friendly landlords to their senses and order green bins.
So even if you couldn’t make it to indulge with us on Saturday, if you don’t have a green bin at home, work or anywhere else you spend time, I highly recommend stepping up and making it happen.  In most cases it will save you money, build your reputation as an eco-hero, and give you that “I just composted” feeling daily.  (Not to mention, it’s against SF Ordinance not to compost and recycle.)
For more pictures of the event, check out Facebook.