Sunday, November 15, 2009

The New "Viv Specials": Jaw Dropping Deals

Greetings Vivers! We ‘ve been hard at work and are thrilled to tell you about some exciting changes to the Viv program. You probably know Viv as the sticker people, who drive eco-friendly change at your favorite local businesses. The sticker still rocks and going forward we maintain our focus on driving social & environmental change in our communities, but here’s the deal, Viv just got way-mo-special and you’re first to know!
Introducing Viv Specials! We’ll be connecting you with steep discounts at your favorite San Francisco Viv spots. For starters, this week get:
50% off at Little Star Pizza on Tuesday, 11/17
50% off drinks at Noc Noc on Friday, 11/20
40% of cocktail cupcakes at That Takes the Cake on Saturday, 11/21 (more details at each event!)
Viv Specials are not your typical discounts – each special meets our Viv Standard (at least 25% off or more on something you actually want), will draw a crowd of San Francisco’s Vivified, tuned in consumers, and often feature an eco-twist.
From here on out you can expect us to share the best deals SF has to offer and make them available via our newsletter to Vivers like you. What’s the catch? No catch! Just do us a big favor and spread the word about Viv. Forward this email to anyone you know in San Francisco who’s game for good food, cheap drinks, and many deals to come – work friends, club sports teams, anyone! They can sign up and get Viv’d through our homepage at
Doin’ Good for the Environment. The second change we’d like to announce is that Viv will become a platform for “radical transparency” around social & environmental change. We have our first of several blog posts up about the potential impact of transparency. In the coming months, we’ll be developing a way for both businesses and consumers to communicate about their commitments to the environment and earn rewards for adopting and communicating their practices.
Going forward, you will continue to use the Viv sticker to redeem specials at Viv businesses but you will not have to show the sticker every time you make a purchase. The schedule of eco-actions will evolve and businesses will continue to make social & environmental changes, but these changes will be based on the platform of radical transparency and fun incentives that we will be putting in place over the coming 2-3 months. Viv businesses will officially stop counting stickers as of December 1st.
We’ll let you know more about our social & environmental change as we unveil the program, so look out for news and much more.
Viv & let Viv!, The Viv Team