Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Savings Calculator at

You may (or may not) know that we just launched a few days ago. There are still a few kinks to be worked out, so if you don’t mind, please bear with us on those; and if you would like to share any thoughts or feedback, we’d love to hear from you – please email us at
As such though, we want to introduce you to the site, the Viv Business Club, and how to get the most out of your experience through a series of posts regarding “How to Best Use”

#1 – The Savings Calculator:

You’ll notice on both our home and products pages a widget called the Savings Calculator. This widget is designed to help you estimate your annual savings when you switch over to purchasing your green products from Viv suppliers.
For the time being, we’ve listed about 20 of the most popular products carried by World Centric, Office Depot, and Green11. Simply:
1. Select a product from the drop down
2. Punch in your cost today (per case)
3. Enter the number of units in the case you currently buy
4. Enter the number of cases you use each month, and
5. Hit Calculate
The calculator displays the Viv price per case and then calculates your estimated annual savings. (it will also automatically adjust for any differences in the number of units in your case v. a case from a Viv supplier).
A few quick notes:
– Just enter numbers; no need for any commas or dollar signs
– We’re going to build our full product list into the calculator soon; please be patient with us as we get that up
Let’s run an example:
Say you’re a local restaurant owner with 3 stores; each store uses biodegradable trash bags in the kitchen. Those bags can be a bit pricey and you’re currently paying $95.79 for 90 garbage bags (the big ones – 39 gallons). Note: this is a real price based off the top result on google when you search for 39 gallon biodegradable trash bag. Lastly, you go through about 3 bags each day per restaurant, so 9 total per day for your 3 restaurants; that’s 270 bags across all your entire business each month.
Product = 39 Gallon Trash Bag
Cost Today (per case) = 95.79 (remember, no $ needed)
Units per case = 90
Cases Used = 2.7
Viv Price (per case) = $112.2
Yearly Savings with Viv = $1,467.72
(if this math looks a little funny, that’s because cases of 39 gallon biodegradable trash bags from World Centric contain 200 bags each; don’t worry though, the Yearly Savings number has already accounted for this case unit difference).
So as you can see, we believe you’re going save big on your eco-friendly supplies when you start buying with Viv. We’ve gotten some large discounts on a wide variety of green products from our suppliers and we hope you’ll run a few numbers with our Savings Calculator and see the savings first hand!