Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Viv Biz Club Videos: Purchasing Tips, Compostability, and More

If you haven’t seen them yet, we’ve been busy the past few weeks creating a series of educational videos on topics related to compostable food packaging.
We’ve noticed over the past several months that a very serious knowledge gap exists amongst purchasers of compostable food packaging. Many buyers are unclear or confused about: 1) how to purchase compostables that are truly green, and 2) how and where to compost compostable packaging.
As a result, we decided to explore some of these issues through a few in-office Viv shorts. Hope you enjoy!

Viv Video: Biodegradable Packaging vs Compostable Packaging – DON’T get Greenwashed

Viv Video: 4 Tips To Ensure Your PLA Corn Cups Are Actually Composted

Viv Video: 4 Tips to Buying Truly Green Biodegradable Coffee Cups

Viv Video: Bagasse Products & Packaging – Why We’re Big Fans of 


(PS – I’m thinking a blue collared shirt for the next videos :-)… need to keep up this solid colored golf shirt motif)