Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Viv Internship Job Description

SUMMER 2009 & FALL 2009

Company DescriptionWhat is Viv about: Changing the world by enabling anyone, anywhere to cause real environmental change in the simplest way possible.
How is it done? With STICKERS!!
Take a Viv sticker, slap it on your credit card, and show the sticker when you make a purchase at businesses “that Viv.” Once the businesses have seen enough stickers (typically 25 or 50) they start making eco-friendly changes to their stores.
We believe in three things:
1) Small changes add up – BIG TIME
2) Make doing good simple, and people will do a whole truckload of good
3) Reward businesses for the good they do
We’ve been growing very quickly in our first 4 months post-launch. We have almost 70 businesses running the program in more than 10 neighborhoods across the city of San Francisco. Many of our businesses have already started making eco-friendly changes. We have plans to expand across the country over the next 6 – 18 months and will be looking to open multiple Viv branches in cities and towns during that time.
Lastly, how does Viv sustain itself? We charge our businesses a fee to run the program.
For more detail on Viv, head to www.DoYouViv.com

Position Description

As our expansion ramps up, Viv is looking for a few interns to help us dramatically expand our business.
You’ll be working with us during the early stages of the program, which means you’ll have the ability to heavily influence the growth, impact, and direction of Viv.
We’re looking for a few interns who can ideally work with us full-time, but must be able to work a minimum of 20hrs / week for a minimum of 6 weeks. Start and end dates are flexible.
Dependent on our needs and your qualifications / interests, areas of responsibility may include:
Merchant Sales & Acquisition:
1) Develop sticker accepting relationships with small and mid-size retail chains. This will include: pitching businesses on Viv, implementing the program, and managing ongoing relationships. 2) Develop a scalable program which enables consumers to sign-up and manage local businesses that Viv. 3) Manage Viv expansion into new geographies and seed the market by signing up local businesses.
Consumer Adoption: Help us get more people stickered and excited about Viving! Develop and design programs which enables Viv to sticker large groups of consumers in a scalable fashion (e.g., partnerships with non-profits for distribution to membership groups) and/or programs which enhance the viral stickering of consumers (e.g., leverage social media to encourage friends to get other friends stickered).
Consumer Engagement: Keep folks excited about Viving by managing our social media applications, in-store communications, event planning, and other engagement programs. 
Public Relations:
 Help us spread the word about Viv and manage our PR.
Web Design & Development: We have a very talented web team which does the build & design work for our site, but we will look for fresh input on generating new
content and building new areas of the site.
Other: We’re a fast growing start-up. There’s lots to be done and new things are always coming up.
*Responsibility will be given based on performance and experience. Regardless of experience however, interns will be given as much responsibility as they can handle.
Work Environment & Compensation
Work will be based largely out of our SOMA office in San Francisco, with the opportunity to work in new Bay Area geographies as Viv expands.
The role is currently unpaid, but you will be provided with the following:
- an overall fun experience getting to know a fast-paced start-up and our fantastic team
- a strong background from which to apply to paid roles at Viv as they are created
- on the job training & skills development to help you sign-up new Viv businesses
- a letter of recommendation upon successful completion of high-quality work (as requested)
- assistance in an application for school credit (as requested)
- an opportunity to change the world in an exciting way
You should be passionate about:
– The environment and making a real difference – This is what it’s all about! – using small steps to cause some real environmental change in a big big way.
– Working for an exciting and fast moving start-up – We move quick and we like to surprise and excite. You should too.
– People: talking to them, working with them, meeting them – This is the essence of the role, in that you’ll be speaking with managers and business owners of all shapes and sizes.
– Having fun when you work - We’ve had a blast building Viv thus far and we want to continue working with folks that are outgoing, social, and just generally enjoyable to work with.
– Mustaches & very large Cali burritos ;-) – These are 2 things we love (see http://www.doyouviv.com/all_else/). If you’re with us – great! If not (*tear*), we can probably still find some common ground…
You should also have:
– Integrity – This is a given, but it’s very important.
– Smarts – We like folks who can push us around and get us to think differently about things. We also like folks who are sharp prioritizers and quick decisions makers. Bring your noggen.
Interns must have their own internet accessible computers. Cell phone accessibility is also required and Viv will be able to provide a small stipend for interns as necessary to cover the cost of daytime minutes related to Viv.
About the Team / Founders
There are many folks on the Viv team, but you will likely be working most closely with one of the two founders. The Viv founders draw on a rich variety of loves, institutions, and experiences, including: Stanford GSB, Electronica & Indie Music, University of Pennsylvania – Wharton, Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, Northwestern University – McCormick Engineering,experimental poetry, Accenture, Martial Arts, American Express, Facebook, and of course, our families.

If you would like to be considered for an internship with Viv, please submit your resume and cover letter describing your interest and qualifications to Jobs@DoYouViv.com with the words VIV INTERNSHIP
as the subject. Thanks!