Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Viv is looking for interns!

Things at Viv are picking up quickly, which is why we have been on a bit of hiatus with the Do You Viv blog. Oops! Our fault. We have been cranking away at work preparing to go after our big summer goals of getting tens of thousands of people stickered and hundreds of locations Viving in SF. As part of that prep, we have kicked off a summer intern program. We have a few solid folks eager to help (some in college, some post-grads), but we are still looking for a few more.
If you know of bright, fun, young folks in San Francisco or the Bay Area that are passionate about the environment and looking for an exciting internship this summer, please send them our way! We have posted the internship description here on the blog and as an online doc. So email us resumes or contact information at Jobs@DoYouViv.com or have the candidate reach us there directly.