Friday, June 25, 2010

We Want to Write a Case Study… on You!

We’ve gotten some great growth in our Viv member base over the past few months.
We have Viv businesses in over 30 states(!!) across the country and we’re working with a really wide range of fantastic organizations as well: restaurants, schools, churches, non-profits, start-ups, frozen yogurt shops, bars, breweries, catering companies, the list goes on.
Some of y’all have told us that we’re saving you a lot of money. Some of y’all have told us that we’re saving you a WHOLE LOT of money.

We want to profile your organization.

We’re looking for a few fantastic organizations who would like to get a Viv profile up on our site. We’d highlight your business, who you are, what you do, where you are… and we’d showcase some of the eco-friendly changes the Viv Biz Club has been able to help you make along with the money we’ve helped you save.
If you’re interested in a Viv profile and having us write-up a case study on your business, drop us a line at Thanks!