Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Welcome to the Viv "Green Action Schedule"

We’ve been wanting to provide ya’ll with an overview of the Viv Green Action Schedule, and I’m happy to say that this overview has now been assembled. For now, the overview takes the form of a public google document, but we’ve tried to make the document as user-friendly as possible.
This overview is meant to provide detail on the following questions:
- What is a “Green Action Schedule”?
- What are the components of a Green Action Schedule?
- How is a Green Action Schedule chosen?
- What happens once a “sticker count threshold” has been hit?
- What happens once the first set of green actions are completed?
- What is the comprehensive list of green actions recommended to businesses?
- Where are green actions sourced from?
It is key to note that this is an overview of our current Green Action Schedule and the process we take in establishing those schedules today. That process however is far from being perfected. We’re always looking to make improvements (e.g., adding a new green action to the list or modifying the process of selecting green actions), and we’d love to have ya’ll involved in improving this process.
You’ll see a tab in the document called “Thoughts & Feedback”. We truly would love to hear directly from you re: what you think works well and what needs some work. If you have thoughts, please drop us a line at – we’re always eager to learn, adjust, and improve.