Friday, November 15, 2013

World Centric's Social Responsibilty and Sustainability

One of the criteria we look at when partnering with a supplier is their commitment to Social Responsibility / Sustainability.
On this front, we’re proud to say that World Centric is really head and shoulders above most companies and is a true social leader in the food service space.
World Centric's Sustainability
We mention a few of the things they do on our suppliers page, but the larger list is really quite impressive. So without further ado, World Centric:
  • Offsets their entire carbon footprint.
  • Donates 25% of their proceeds to grassroots environment & social organizations with a goal of eventually donating 100% of their proceeds to organizations that positively affect our world & environment.
  • Tests all products to ensure they are 100% compostable as certified by the industry leaders in composting standards (i.e. BPI and ASTM).
  • Sells 5-compartment compostable lunch trays to K-12 schools at cost to encourage schools to move away from Styrofoam / expanded polystyrene trays that are polluting our environment.
  • Audits all of their factories for compliance with fair labor guidelines to ensure fair wages & working conditions.
  • Encourages employees to use public transportation on their way into work through a $250 monthly reimbursement.
  • Powers their office with renewable wind & solar energy from Palo Alto Green.
  • Regularly hosts community events including a social justice film and speaker series.
For more details check out World Centric’s Sustainability page (again, fantastic transparency here that other companies should take note of).