Wednesday, September 2, 2009

You can find us on the streets… Vivin'

It’s going down. Tomorrow. Thursday, 9/3/2009 – all day Viv Tour. SF. (wow – say that line out loud, project your voice, and add some echo… feels like you just intro-ed a rap album?)
Well, we’ve got a big day planned, so I guess it needed a big intro. We’re going SOMA to the Marina, Western Addition to FiDi. If there are places to be Viv’d – we’ll be there.
We’ll be tweeting all day, so follow us @DoYouViv and come find us to:
- Lay down some eco-graffiti; Grab a Viv headband, buttons, or other gear; stock up on extra stickers; Get a cameo in a Viv video we’re shooting; And last, but most importantly, Viv some businesses!!
Here’s the route (open full map or click on a store to see place & time specifics):
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