Monday, December 7, 2009

Viv evolving for everyone... especially you

Wow, a lot has happened with Viv.  Since the start of the year when it was just Dinesh and me working night and day... to the end of an amazing summer when the team had quadrupled and built a growing Viv community with increasing traction in San Fran.  We finished August with Viv spots in 10+ neighborhoods and thousands of people stickered-- a huge leap from when we began this year!
Then we took a healthy pause.  We asked ourselves, are we building as fast as we want to?  If we are not, how long until we drive massive social change?  Not soon enough.  So as a full team, we stepped back to do a 360 degree review of the business from the highest to lowest levels of the company.  We found a number of awesome ways (along with a few hidden gems) that we could drastically improve Viv for everyone involved-- users (ie, you, our beloved Vivers), merchants (ie, Viv spots), partners, investors, and of course the environment.
For the first two weeks of September, we cranked away considering big changes to our program, with all the research and investigation that comes with it.  It was top priority for the entire team.  Those 2 weeks turned into 3 weeks, then 4, and 5, 6, 7... and #8.  September and October may have been the most intense and anxious months for me since we started Viv.  I take a wee bit of comfort in the fact that so many great start-ups and inspiring businesses had to rethink how they did things and overhaul themselves to get to the next level.  I also remind myself... no one ever said it would be easy to change the world (damn).

Finally, week #9 came at the end of October and things came together.  The little things... and the big things.  We figured it out!
So (if you haven't heard the full scoop yet) here is the latest on how Viv is changing and the amazing things that we already have coming for you.